Complete with 4 custom SG items:

Rolling Tray - While most rolling trays are made of tin or rough plastics. Sniper Gang rolling trays are made of acrylic, giving them a sturdy feel with a reflective smooth surface. Customized with the SG logo in the middle, this tray is a must have for anyone rolling up.

Grinder - The Sniper Gang 4 piece grinder is 63mm in diameter and 2.5 inches tall. Our grinders are made out of high quality aluminum making them durable and long lasting. 

Papers - SG natural wood pulp papers are made clean with no chemicals. The 100% natural Arabic gum is sourced from conflict free growers in Africa. While the papers are unrefined and unbleached, and 100% organic.

Lighter - We wouldn’t just bring you an ordinary lighter. Introducing Sniper Gang custom bullet lighters. These steel lighters are very durable, refillable, and easy to light. Engraved with the SG crest, these lighters are only for true Snipers.
*lighter fluid not included for safety concerns. 

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